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Welcome to the Wycheproof Narraport Football Club

The Wycheproof Narraport Football Club was formed at a meeting held between the two clubs after the 1963 season and played the clubs first season in 1964 winning the Pemiership in the First 18 and the Under 16s,the Club has now won 16 Senior,5 Reserves & 10 Junior Premierships.
Our Club Rooms were built in 1987 and opened 1988 and lights were installed around the ground in1993 and are good enough to play night cricket.


Training for the 2009 season started on Friday 5th December at Wycheproof at 6.30.  1500m time trial,  boxing circuit, light skills, Marty talks to the boys before training



At the annual meeting held in the club rooms on Friday evening 7th November, Merv Gaylor was elected President of the Senior club for the 2009 season, taking over from Trevor Trewin who now will be able to spend more time with his family!!!, Eddie McNicol  & Peter Bish are Vice Presidents,  Eddie McNicol - Secretary,  Ian Harvey -Treasurer,  Max Dillon -Assist Treasurer,    Bill Keane- Football Manager,  Trevor Trewin - Sponsorship Co-Ordinator.

Go to CLUB EXECUTIVE 2009 for the 2008 Presidents Report  and Executive details

FOOTBALL TRAINING  will begin on Friday evening 5th December at Wycheproof, A BBQ will follow, so all are welcome to come and have a look and support the new coach and players for the 2009 season.    Go Demons 2009


Over the summer keep in touch with whats happening, click here to the Wycheproof Narraport Cricket Club -     https://wychenarraportcricket.webs.com      or  for other things about the town-      https://wycherecenthistory.webs.com         and there are links to the other sporting clubs in the town.
On the weekend October 11th & 12th Steaming up Broadway Festivel was run, for all the details and photos click here      https://wychefestival.webs.com


On Friday night before the races the club held a meet the coach evening at the club rooms


The club is very pleased to have been able to secure the services of Marty Shadbolt for the position of Senior Coach for 2009, Marty is a key position player, 6'2 and at 25 would be in the prime of his football career, for the last 4 years he has been playing for South Bendigo and before that at Nyah Nyah West United (Demons).
Marty plans to catch up with our playing group in Bendigo on Friday before they go on their trip to Echuca, training will start before Christmas and with the club looking at other players, some who have left  and are still playing football and ones who have shown an interest in playing for the Demons. So in 2009 the club hopes to build on Kerin's good work with the young players over the last 2 years and get the club back up the ladder where we are acustommed.

The club will hold a BBQ tea  and meet the coach night on Friday October 31st the night before before the Wyche Races as it provides a good opportunity for Marty to meet past, present and future players for the Demons and also supporters, All Welcome

From the Committee and all concerned we wish Marty the very best for his time here at the WycheNarraport Demons.


Well a few of us won Premierships!

James Coatsworth has won the Cairns AFL Best and Fairest with 23 Votes, for full details http://www.cairns.com.au/article/2008/09/16/6980_local-sport-news.html

And on Saturday the Cairns Saints won  the Senior Premiership 14-9 to 5-16 so James will have a enjoyabe trip overseas on Tuesday, probably a little worse for the last few days celebrating.


The club hosted the Second Semi-Final on Saturday, A little rain on Friday and a perfect day resulted in a record crowd of nearly $12,500, the previous best crowd for a Second Semi was $9,500 also at Wyche, givin the price increase of $2, this still works out to be the best Second Semi Gate.The club thanks all those who helped out  to make the day a success.

LAST GAME vs BIRCHIP 23rd August 2008

A big weekend for the Demons started  well on Saturday with the Seniors playing their best game for the year beating third placed Birchip-Watchem.
The Under 13s went down 9-10 to 3-1. Awards- Morgan Fawcett, Danny Harrison, Kristian McNicol, Cody Turner, Robert Fawcett, Chris Driscoll, Tom Trewin, Jedd Bish. The Under 16s had a good win 12-9 to 9-4 Awards- Spencer Allan, Jesse White, Rhylie Botheras, Dane McLennan, Alister Boltuc, Brock Bish, Kristian McNicol. The Reserves went down 16-19 to 3-6 Awards- Clinton Riley, Glen Bish, Joel Pardella, Matt Nicholls, Gerard Bibby, Peter Bish. The Seniors had many good players in their win 11-10 to 10-7 Awards-  Terminus Hotel:- Boe Bish, Royal Mail Hotel:- Jake White,  Brett's BP:- Sam Thompson,  National Hotel:- Joe Coatsworth,  Wyche Foodworks:- Sam Hawkins, Your Regional Butchers:- Dean Rooney,  Java Spice:- Chris Duffy,  I A McLennan Electrical:- Jesse White,  Coles Transport:- Bradley Driscoll.

On Saturday night the club held the counting of the best and fairest votes, Zac White won the Geoff Fawcett Medal in the Seniors B & F and Rory White won the Tom Turner Medal for the Reserves.

Senior Trophy Winners- President Trevor Trewin, Sam Thompson, Declan Lourey, Zac White, Kerin Lourey (Senior Coach),
Bradley Driscoll, Joe Coatsworth, Tom Keane, Boe Bish.

Reserves Trophy Winners- Brayden Botheras, Rory White, Clinton Riley. Front- Zac Anderson, Adie Coatsworth (Coach), Joel Pardella.

Kerin was presented with a Life Membership of the Wycheproof Narraport Football Club at the "Brownlow" night.

On Sunday the club held the Junior vote count-Under 16 Trophy winners from left- Jesse White(Runner Up b&f), Brock Bish (Best & Fairest), Brodie MacDonald, George Turner, Rolly White, Spencer Allan. Front- Bianca Orr (Runner) Absent- Bernie Orr (Coach).

The Under 13s Trophy Winners-  Chris Driscoll (Runner Up B & F),  Eamonn Orr, Jedd Bish, Cody Turner, Jake Bish (Coach), Tom Trewin, Kristian NcNicol (Best & Fairest) Les Harrison (Runner)

Paul & Lee-Anne White have a big interest every Saturday with 4 sons and 5 nephews playing.
From Left- Rory White, Jesse White, Sam Thompson, Dane McLennan, Zac White, Rolly White, Josh White, Jake White and Lachie McLennan (Inset).

One of the clubs legends was up for the weekend, John (Cass) White was at the "Brownlow" night to see his son take out the clubs Senior Best & Fairest, seen here with Zac and Kerin, Kerin pointed out that he has now coached both Father & Son with Cass also winning a club Best & Fairest in 1981.Kerin was also presented with the football from the days game, signed by all players and committee.

vs CHARLTON 16th August

In another cold Saturday of football the Under 13s started the day of well kicking 12-3 to 4-5 with Critter McNicol kicking 8 goals Awards-  Kristian McNicol, Danny Harrison, Cody Turner, Robert Fawcett, Chris Driscoll, Jed Bish, Morgan Fawcett. The Under 16s did not have a good day going down 15-11 to 6-1 Awards-  Rolly White, Spencer Allan, Jesse White, Brock Bish, Dane McLennan, Ashley Durie, Rhylie Botheras. The Reserves although trying hard all day with 5 of the under 16s playing, went down 17-17 to 6-4 Awards-  Royal Mail Hotel:- Rory White,  Terminus Hotel:- Matt Nicholls,  National Hotel:- Joel Pardella,  Your Regional Butchers:- Braydon Botheras,  Wyche Foodworks:- Rolly White,  McLennan Electrical:- Spencer Allan.  The Seniors ended up going down by 15 points 11-9 to 9-6  Awards-  Jave Spice:- Zac White,  Royal Mail Hotel:-  Sam Hawkins,  Terminus Hotel:- Boe Bish,  National Hotel:- Declan Lourey,  Your Regional Butchers:- Jake White,  J P Cummins:- Rick Smith.

How times have changed!. It used to be white overalls and a bottle of steam, now its colourful  clothing, deck chairs and coffee, and just look at the runner!


The Wright Road in the Sun June 16 1976-


The Demons had a bit better day against Wedderburn. The Under 13s in a close game lost 4-11 to 6-5 Awards- Robert Fawcett, Eammon Orr, Morgan Fawcett Jamal Thompson & Baily Grant. The Under 16s had a big win 23-6 to 4-5 with Georg Turner kicking 10 goals. Awards- Broady MacDonald, Jesse White, Dane McLennan, Goerge Turner, Brock Bish Alister Boltuc & Spencer Allan.  The Reserves went down  12-15 to 5-5.  Awards-  Royal Mail Hotel:- Joel Pardella, Brett's BP:-  Josh Morris,  Terminus Hotel:- Scott Murphy,  Regional Butchers:- Spencer Allan,  Wyche Foodworks:- Jesse White,  National Hotel:- Rory White.  The Seniors in a much better display just went down 11-7 to 8-10. Awards-  Royal Mail Hotel:- Joe Coatsworth,  Your Regional Butchers:- Tom Keane,  Terminus Hotel:- Sam Hawkins,  National Hotel:- Zac White,  Java Spice:-  Boe Bish,  J P Cummins:- Declan Lourey.
And Confucius says:- Man who leaves dog in car while shutting gate will learn a valuable lesson. Just ask Joe Coatsworth who spent several hours trying to open his car on Saturday morning after his dog locked the door while he was shutting the gate.

On Saturday the Narraport Basketball and Footballers of 1958 gathered for a reunion, The Basketball side won the Premiership with 5 of the 7 girls present, The President of the Football Club in that year was Gus Allan, Secretary was Vince McNicol and Coach Hugh Trewin. The Footballers did not win but were runners up.

vs BOORT 02/08/08 at Boort

The boys traveled to Boort for a very dismal day and I am not talking about the weather,The Under 13s tried hard as usual but were no match for the bigger Boort side, 13-9 to 4-3 Awards- Kristian McNicol, Chris Driscoll, Robert Fawcett, Jed Bish, Dylan Boltuc, & Cody Turner.The Under 16s were also well beaten 19-10 th 1-2 Awards- Spencer Allan, Jesse White, Ashley Durie, Rolly White, George Turner, Dane McLennan & Joseph Pellegrino.  The Reserves was the most entertaining game for the day although beaten tried hard for all the game. Awards- Your Regional Butchers :- Brayden Botheras, Royal Mail Hotel:- Brad Riley, Terminus Hotel :-  Brian Allan,  National Hotel :- Rory White,  J P Cummins :-  Clinton Riley,  Trewins Transport :- Dane McLennan. The Seniors in their worst game for the year 25-10 to 1-4  Awards-  Royal Mail Hotel :- Zac White,  Stan Wilkinson's award:- Joe Coatsworth,  Terminus Hotel :- Rick Smith,  Your Regional Butchers :- Sam Thompson,  J P Cummins :- Boe Bish,  Brett's BP :- Sam Hawkins.   Next Saturday against Wedderburn  we have an excuse to celebrate, as the club social room was opened 20 years on the 8th August 1988 & the club is about to complete its 45th Year also there is a get together of the 1958 Narraport side and the 1963 Narraport Junior side, so if you were thinking about returning to see a game, this would be a weekend to do so.The last game is at home to Birchip when the Football, Netball and Hockey conduct their "Brownlow" night in the Shire Hall to count the votes in the seniors, The next day the Junior vote count of the clubs will be held in the club rooms followed by the presentation of Trophy's for all grades (I think)
Getting on the Band Wagon- Our club football team Manager Bill caught at work with a Geelong football jumper on, could he be dumping the Tigers? Well no, in actual fact it was the result of a small bet between Bill & Nephew Spenser Allan for the Cats vs Tigers game on Saturday night,Spencer even gave Bill 5 goals in,So to show he honours his misguided bets he allowed this photo to be taken as proof

vs St ARNAUD 19th JULY

The Seniors could finally get to sing the song after their first win for the season and the Under 13s had a rare win against StArnaud.
Under 13s 9-11 to 6-8 Awards- Robert Fawcett, Kristian McNicol, Jacob Tellig(StArnaud), Toby Sheahan, Dylan Boltuc, Morgan Fawcett. The Under 16s went down 16-10 to 5-6. Awards- Ashley Durie, Brock Bish, Spencer Allan, Tom Fawcett, Brent Sheahan, Rolly White. The Reserves also went down 12-9 to 9-5. Awards-  Royal Mail Hotel:- Jordan Bish,  Terminus Hotel:- Joel Pardella,   Brett's BP:- Clinton Riley,   National Hotel:- David Rumbold,  Your Regional Butchers:- Corey MacDonald, Club:- Rolly White. Seniors 20-15 to 15-8 Awards-  Royal Mail Hotel:- Joe Coatsworth,  Terminus Hotel:- Boe Bish,  Your Regional Butchers:- Zac White,  National Hotel:- Sam Thompson,  Brett's BP:- Trevor Rumbold,  Trewin's Transport:- Jake White,  Wycheproof Foodworks:- Johnno Roberts,  McLennan Electrical:- Tom Keane,   Coles Transport:- Rick Smith,  Club:- Chris Duffy                                             More photos in the Flickr photo section.
Next week we have the bye


The Demons playing at home on one of the coldest days we have had and except for the Under 16s  was a very bleak day indeed. In the junior games to Donald's credit they gave us a few good players in both games and it made for entertaining football. The Under 13s- Donald 9-5 to WN 4-4. Awards- Kristian McNicol, Robert Fawcett, Jed Bish, Jack Onley (Donald), Bailey Grant. The Under 16s in a rare win against Donald 8-11 to 6-8. Awards- Ashley Durie, George Turner, Brody MacDonald, Brock Bish, CRoyal Mail Hotel:- Brian Allan, I A McLennan Electrical:- Brad Riley, Terminus Hotel:- Johnno Roberts, Wyche Foodworks:- John Durie, National Hotel:- Clinton Riley. Seniors- Donald 18-9 to WN 7-8 Awards- Java Spice:- Boe Bish, Your Regional Butchers;- Joe Coatsworth, Terminus Hotel:- Sam Hawkins, Brett's BP:- Chris Duffy, Royal Mail Hotel:- Zac White, National Hotel:- Jesse White.

On Saturday Night the Redlegs Supporters conducted their annual Goods & Services Auction, Our thanks go to all the people who donated and to Kevin & Rick who conducted the auction. The final amount raised has yet to be worked out but considering the dry year so far, was as good as any we have conducted so far.


The Under 16s provided the only bright spot for the day with a good win, the U 13s 2-5 were beaten 7-12 Awards- Kristian McNicol, Eammon Orr, Jed Bish, Robert Fawcett & Joel Hogan.In the U16s the boys won 11-5 to 7-3. Awards- Brock Bish, Spencer Allan, George Turner, Brodie MacDonald, Jesse White, Rolly White & Ashley Durie. The Reserves were well beaten 23-15 to 3-2 Awards- Your Regional Butchers:- Simon Harrison, Royal Mail Hotel:- Spencer Allan, National Hotel:- David Rumbold, Terminus Hotel:- Rory White, Terminus Hotel:-Brayden Botheras, Royal Mail Hotel:- Corey MacDonald. The Seniors  6-9 to 22-10 Awards- Royal Mail Hotel:- Sam Thompson, Brett's BP :- Chris Duffy, Your Regional Butchers:- Boe Bish, I A McLennan Electrical:- Jake White, Terminus Hotel:- Joe Coatsworth, National Hotel:- Jordy Bish.
On Saturday two boys who have strong family ties to the district played for the Demons under 13s, Joel & Alec Hogan staying in Wyche at their Grandparents(Bill & Shirley Gordon) along with their parents Simon & Sharon were at Birchip to help the the under 13s out.The boys seen here with coach Jake Bish befor the game.

And the winners are- The Annual Back to Front Draw was held on Saturday night in the club rooms with the last 2 tickets being held by Heather Matheson & Paul & Louise Connolly, after several phone calls they did a deal to share the $2000 prize. Linley Matheson & Louise Connolly  seen here getting advice on what to do.
As it was a black tie night some of the players did dress up for the event.

It was also noticed that Sam Hawkins has missed his calling as an Auctioneer when he Auctioned a ticket during the night & Jordie must have had his nights mixed up & thought he was at a ladies night out.


The boys lost all 4 games with the under 16s being a close one and with a Charlton player having a injury and being carried of the ground in the last quarter about 4 min were lost with Wyche going down by 6 pts. Under 13s Charlton 10-12 to WN 2-2 Awards- Chris Driscoll, Eammon Orr, Robert Fawcett, Cody Turner& Kristian McNicol. Under 16s Charlton 9-6 to WN 8-6 Awards- Jesse White, Brock Bish, Spencer Allan, Jonty Guy, Zane Sullivan, Rolly White & George Turner. Reserves- Charlton 11-9 to WN 2-4 Awards- Royal Mail Hotel;- Rory White, National Hotel:- Joel Perdella, McLennan Electrical:- Jake Bish, Your Regional Butchers:- Zac Anderson, Terminus Hotel:- Darren Cox. Seniors:- Charlton 18-8 to WN 7-11. Awards- National Hotel:- Sam Thompson, Your Regional Butchers:- Rick Smith, Royal Mail Hotel:- Chris Duffy, Terminus Hotel:- Zac White, Bretts BP:- Joe Coatsworth, Java Spice:- Bradly Driscoll.
Have a look at the Demons Recorder notes for more details click here http://wycheproofnarraportfc.vcfl.com.au/ResourceLibrary.asp
With the Under 16s being so short of numbers, players from the opposition help to make up a side.Two players from Charlton were keen to play for the Demons as there Mothers are from Wyche.  Zane Sullivan & Jonty Guy pictured here (Pym & Pierce), Max could not be at the game as he was in Melbourne but Bill(Captain Blood) was and seen here with Jonty after the game.

The Club farewells one of our Junior players, Trent Hunt played his last game on Saturday and is moving to SA.  Ron & Michelle Turnbull have bought a business there and will move during the school holidays, The club wishes them all the best as Ron was also a committee member of the Football Club.
Under 13s Coach Jake presents a football to Trent that his team mates have signed after the game on Saturday


The Demons traveled to Wedderburn and had a mixed day,The Under 13's went down 12-9 to 3-3 Awards- Kristian McNicoll, Chris Driscoll, Cody Turner, Jed Bish & Eammon Orr. The Under 16's with a 12 a side game had a good win 9-10 to 4-14 Awards-  Spencer Allan, George Turner (6 goals), Brock Bish, Jesse White, Rolly White & Dane McLennan.  The Reserves went down 18-19 to 5-2 Awards- Royal Mail Hotel;  Rory White, National Hotel; Corey MacDonald, Brett's BP; Peter Bish, Terminus Hotel; Alister Larmour, Your Regional Butchers; Simon Harrison, & Zac Anderson.The Seniors put up a good 4qtr effort with the difference being Wedderburn,s Key Forward Darren Stenhouse (7 goals) Wedd 13-12 to WN 7-3 Awards- National Hotel; Joe Coatsworth, Your Regional Butchers; Rick Smith, Royal Mail Hotel; Jake White, Brett's BP; Boe Bish. Terminus Hotel; Tom Keane, Foodworks; Zac White.


In the Under 13's game we lost 9-7 to 2-2 Awards- Chris Driscoll, Danny Harrison, Cody Turner,  Kristian McNicol, Harry Fawcett & Jed Bish. The Under 16's had only 10 players available due to injury & illness  & were beaten 16-7 to 5-5 Awards- Rolly White, Brodie MacDonald, Jesse White, Ashley Durie Joseph Pellegrino, Brock Bish & Dane McLennan. The Reserves going for back to back wins could not find the form from the last game & lost 13-12 to 3-6. Awards- Terminus Hotel;  Matt Nicholls,  Royal Mail Hotel;  Nathan Elliott,  National Hotel;  Rory White,  Foodworks;  Jesse White,  Brett's BP; Joel Perdella, Your Regional Butchers; Brayden Botheras. The Senior game was close at half time but a poor third quarter was costly  W/N 11-5 to Boort 20.14 Awards- Terminus Hotel; Jackson Keane (4 goals),  National Hotel; Zac White, Royal Mail Hotel; Boe Bish, Your Regional Butchers; Curtis Dillon, Brett's BP; Joe Coatsworth, Java Spice; Tom Keane.
On Saturday Night the boys had a little light entertainment with games on the big screen.


Two important functions coming soon are the Back to Front Draw at the Club Rooms after the Birchip away game on the 5th July, Tickets are $25 & you could win $2000 with the last ticket drawn out, Tickets are available now. Another big Club function is our Goods & Service Auction on the 12th July after the home game against Donald,The Club needs support for these functions to keep running. Although not a Club function, after the Charlton Home game the Comedy Roadshow is on in the Shire Hall at 8pm,There are only a few tables left so see the girls at the Resource Centre for tickets or to book a table.


Work was done during the week to clean out the Mill st dam so as to hold more storm water when it comes, Also a pipe is to be installed from Broadway to harvest the
water from the main street. Come on rain.


Under 13's StArnaud 10-10 to 3-3 Awards- Chris Driscoll, Cody Turner, Danny Harrison, Eammon Orr. Under 16's StArnaud 12-6 to 8-5. Awards- Brayden Ison, Spencer Allan, Rolly White, Brock Bish, Alister Boltuc, Brodie MacDonald & Dane McLennan. Reserves had a win 10-6 to 6-9 Awards- Brett's BP Fuel;- Johnno Roberts, Your Regional Butchers;- Joel Pardella, Wycheproof Bakery;- Jesse White, National Hotel;- Brad Riley, Terminus Hotel;- Johnno Grylls, Royal Mail Hotel;- Aidy Coatsworth. Seniors just failed to notch up a win StArnaud 16-7 to 14-15. Awards Terminus Hotel;- Jake White, Foodworks;- Brayden Ison (6 Goals @ 15yrs old), Your Regional Butchers;- Chris Duffy, J P Cummins;- Ben Brennan, National Hotel;- Zac White, Royal Mail Hotel;- Boe Bish

Two players to give the Demons their best, Brayden Ison at 15 years old kicked 6 goals.Brayden played in the under 16's game and belongs to David Ison, Brian Allan at the other end of his playing days added some strength in the forward line, seen here holding of his opponent with one arm and marking with the other.


After the StArnaud game the junior body conducted an evening to raise money to take the boys to a AFL match later in the season, a total of $1500 was raised with a tea, Quiz night & Spinning Wheel.

The winning Quiz team & I don't remember coits being in the nights entertainment so I think some kids have a job on the next training night.


The boys traveled to Donald for not very good results Under 13's Don 10-1to 0-1 Awards- Danny Harrison, Ghris Driscoll, Trent Hunt, Tom Trewin, Dylan Boltuc & Cody Turner. Under 16's  Don 13-7 to 4-5 Awards-  Brock Bish, Brayden Ison, Ashley Durie, Spencer Allan,  Alister Boltuc, Joe Pellegrino & Rhylie Botheras. Reserves Don 12-14 to 8-9 Awards Your Regional Butchers;- Chris Duffy, National Hotel;- Eddie McNicol, Royal Mail Hotel;- Brayden Botheras, Royal Mail Hotel;- Johnno Grylls, Terminus Hotel;- Spencer Allan, Terminus Hotel;- Clinton Riley.  Seniors- Don 17-15 to 4-10 Awards- National Hotel;- Sam Thompson, Your Regional Butchers;- Boe Bish, Terminus Hotel;- Ben Brennan, Brett's B P Fuel;- Curtis Dillon, Royal Mail Hotel;- Bradley Driscoll, Java Spice;- Rick Ison.

The club is giving the younger players a chance to play senior football, on the left Brayden Ison joins his brother Rick in the Seniors after playing in the Under 16's game & on the right Tom Keane & Bradley Driscoll in their first Year out of the Juniors & Jesse White in his first senior game also after playing in the under 16's game.


The day started well with two Junior wins-Under 13's 7-4 to 4-4 Awards Trent Hunt, Toby Sheahan, Eamonn Orr, Lachie Elder, Tom Trewin & Morgan Fawcett. All the boys received a Kangaroo's cap & scarf  Under 16's 17-4  to 14-1 Awards Spencer Allan, Dane McLennan, Jesse White, Brent Sheahan, Rolly White, Rhylie Botheras, George Turner(7 goals)& Brock Bish. From here on the day went a little downhill Reserves 7-4 to 13-12. Awards Brett's BP Fuel; Matt Nicholls, Your Regional Butchers; Jesse White, Royal Mail Hotel ;Brian Allan, Corey Jones Award (Football Boots); Joel Pardella, Terminus Hotel; Rory White, Royal Mail Hotel; Mark McLennan.Seniors- 5-4 to 24-11 Awards National Hotel ;Sam Thompson, Corey Jones ( Football Boots); Bradley Driscoll, Brett's BP Fuel; Trevor Butcher, Your Regional Butchers; Boe Bish, Terminus Hotel; Sam Hawkins, Wyche Bakery; Tom Keane.

Trevor Butcher has called it quits after playing for the Demons for the last 7 years, President Trev presented Butch with his club jumper after the game and wished him the very best.
With Corey Jones home for the weekend the day started early, umpiring the Under 13's was his first job & after the game presented the boys with Kangaroo's caps & scarfs he also had awards of football boots in all grades, Corey seen here with Toby, Ella & Brent Sheahan(cousins), the boys playing in the junior games along with Tom Fawcett (Colin's son) as Nullawil had the bye.


The Demons traveled to Charlton on Saturday with not much success,The under 13's struggled against a bigger side but kept on trying BEST- Critter McNicol, Danny Harrison, Chris Driscoll, Cody Turner, Robert Fawcett & Sam Boltuc.The Under 16's also struggled against a bigger side BEST- Joe Durie, Jesse White, Jonty Guy (Bill Pierce's Grandson lent from Charlton), Rhylie Botheras, Dane McLennan, Harlie Durie & George Turner.Although beaten by a few goals the reserves played a very entertaining game BEST- Royal Mail Hotel award- Chris Duffy, Terminus Hotel award- Jesse White(played in u16's), National Hotel award- Rory White, John Durie & Brian Allan. The seniors gave Charlton a 6 goal start but in the end going down by 10 pts 12-16 to 12-6, BEST- National Hotel award- Dale Crawford, Royal Mail Hotel award- Sam Thompson, Terminus Hotel award- Rick Smith, Boe Bish & Bradly Driscoll.We had a couple of players helping out for the day Eddie in the reserves & Butch in the Seniors & both playing  well.


The boys traveled to Bendigo to play Kangaroo Flat in a practice match on Saturday, although well beaten never gave in, With a very young side(Hawks being the oldest & 6 under 18) they found it hard against a bigger & stronger side.

Kerin gives the boys some encouragement at the last change. (More photos in Photo section)


On Friday Night 4th April the club had a very entertaining practice match against Charlton, The first game saw the under 16's get up and win by a couple of goals in a very good standard game.
The Reserves & seniors played 3 quarters each & ended up  going down by 5 or 6 goals.

Jake Bish give the under 16's a pep talk.

A perfect night to watch football


On Saturday after the Practice Match the Club held a wood working bee at Cossar's property on the Mosquito creek  & with a very good role up cut up over 30 ton of wood, the club thanks all those who turned up especially the young ones.

The Bish crew- Dardy,Brock & Jordy.

Lunch time

Splitting logs,Max White, Sam Thompson, Max Dillon & Ian Arnel.

Tige Allan, Tom Keane & Brock Bish loading the semi

The end result plus there is more cut for later use.


After training on Friday morning many headed of to relax over the Easter weekend & the action for some was at Murrabit